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10 Best 20 Gallon Air Compressors in 2019


Before buying an Air Compressor you must need to know that what this is and what are its functionalities. So here we are discussing these items in details.

Air Compressor is a device that converts power into potential energy by using different electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine and more.

After the conversion of the energy, it compresses the air means store in the pressurized form to make compressed air.

So according to this process, it named as Air Compressor. Talk about its working that when the air filled in the tank. Its shuts off when the tank is filled. It generates alert that the tank has been filled.

Through advanced technology, the Air Compressor is easy in used and manage every person. The company gives a complete guide book with it.

Also here we can give you the best guidance.

Before you buy the 20 Gallon Air Compressor you must know how to use and manage the compressor. So during use, there is no problem that you can face. Also, this article is helpful to you.

There is classification in Air Compressor three different type of they are.

Lower-Pressure, Medium-Pressure and High-Pressure Compressor. All of these have different pressure level.

They can also be divided on the basis of design and principle of operations. In this part, we are discussing how to maintain your air compressor.

Brand new have no issue of maintained but for satisfaction, you must maintain your device.

It is recommended to you that once a day check your appliances by doing

  • Check for Oil and Air Leaks
  • Checking the differential pressure in the compressed air filter
  • Determining whether or not the oil in the compressor should be changed
  • Verifying safe operating temperature
  • Draining condensation from air receiver tanks

BEST 20 GALLON AIR COMPRESSOR 2019 [Buying Guide and Review]

Here we give you the guidance about the 20 Gallon air compressor. Below we give you Top best gallons. So it’s up to you that which one liked you and buy it.

Here we can give you the best one thing of each firm which easily meets your requirement.

All are your desire products, which you can use in your daily life without any problem. Every compressor has a big tank which is filled with air.

You need the best tank with great pressure of air that is time-consuming, which make your life easy and comfortable.

While buying air compressor you must know that this is a 20 Gallon Air Compressor which is your favorite product. Check all the accessories and complete features that are included in the compressor tank and attach with it.

It will be helpful for you in future.

Below we have discussed Air Compressor of different companies like DeWalt, WEN, North Star, Industrial Air, Portable Cable Campbell Hausfeld, etc. Now it’s your choice which one you will select for your purpose.

On the basis of Pros, Cons and their features you may choose the best air Compressor.

You will buy the air compressor which is portable with 20 Gallon space of air. All of the top quality devices are manufactured as a Portable and have unique structure framework and handles with wheels that help the user to manage it easily.

20 A gallon air compressor is not as powerful as another heavy machine because it is portable. The user can easily manage and move its machine where they want.

Other information about all devices you can get in this article as an individual item with complete details.

Every working place needs a quality air Compressor. For your workspace, you need a 20 gallon Air Compressor that maintains your work according to your desire.

Which helps you in every difficult work, which makes your life easy.

Basically, the Air Compressor having 20-gallon capacity is electric power. It’s up to you that you select which type of shapes as given like pancake design, a sausage dog or even a vertical portable air compressor.

It covers your little bit space at your workstation where you set up your work. In the above section, you have read enough information, through this, you can think that which air compressor is best for you accordingly features, capacity and demand of the product.

Following are the products Top Ten Best 20 Gallon Air Compressor:
• Industrial Air IPA1882054
• NorthStar Belt Drive Single-Stage
• California Air Compressor 20040DC
• Husky 20 Gallon Portable Air Compressor
• Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor
• WEN 2202 Air Compressor



Ingersoll Rand Garage Mate 2-HP is 20 Gallon Air Compressor, belt drive with Cast-Iron Air Compressor. Air Compressor Model is P1.5IU-A9 represented by Ingersoll Rand the great tools company saying that “REAL TOOLS FOR REAL WORK”.

The product description includes its Grade that is Consumer, Style is Portable Vertical, CFM is 5.2 CFM Rated @ 90 PSI and Tank Size is already 20 Gallon.

This portable device has great specifications that make its strong image in front of the buyer.

First, we talk about MOTOR.

  1. Motor voltage includes 115 Volt AC, Phase 1-Phase, No Magnetic Starter, and Amp Draw is 16.
  2. Engine is 2-HP
  3. PUMP

The CFM value of pump is 5.2, CFM Rated @ is 90 PSI, Pump material is Solid Cast Iron, Pump Type is Single-Stage, Max PSI is 135 PSI, Oil Sight Glass having no After Cooler.

Pump Drive is Belt drive, Oil Type is Lubricant with Duty Cycle of 100% and No Pump Low Oil Shut-off.

  1. TANK

As you know that the size of the tank is 20 Gallons with Outlet of 1/4 Inch, No Electronic Drain Valve and Vertical Tank Orientation.

  1. Overview of the Product

This product is a certificate from UL, Weight of 200 Pounds, Product length is 22 Inches with Product Width is 23 Inches and Product Height is 43 Inches.

Its Consumer Warranty is 1 year with Commercial Warranty of 1 year. Devices have power type is electric.

The product has different attractive features that reflect the buyer to buy the product.

  1. Cast-Iron Construction

The great feature of pump material that is very important for the users. Because the user wants the top quality material of the product without it customer never satisfied.

So the company designed for the toughest 100% duty applications.

  1. Home, Shop or Job Site

The company cares about their customers, for this, they build the product that is easily useable.

You can use this product at any place, at your workplace, home, shop or another place as you want.

So this product is professionally designed for serious, mature persons.

  1. Power Your Whole Toolbox

The company gives the user to power product tools. Power means toolbox that includes guns, ratchets, grinders, drills, nailers, etc.

That you hold your product toolbox with it, which is a very important feature of the device.

  1. Quiet Operation and Splash Lubricated

The great feature of this product is working in quiet mode. Yes, it happened when an air compressor at 80dBA.

This works quieter than another brand which is a very unique feature in this product.

  1. Large Pneumatic Tires, Removable Handle

This is also that interesting feature among all of the others. How? The answer is that the firm gives the pneumatic tires and removable handles.

That you can easily manage the product and use according to your desire.

You can use this at any soft or hard place, the machine helps you at any time, at any place.

  1. Standard 120-Volt Plug

Also, this machine has an affordable voltage that meets every user to use at any cost. The machine cost 120 volts which is household outlet with 15 amps.

  1. Meets OSHA Standards

The product is certified with a great firm that meets with great standards. The product meets the complaint with UL/CSA/ASME standards.

It’s very important for the customer to know that the production company is certified or not because it is trustworthy for the customers.

  1. Manual Thermal Overload Motor Protection

No starter required for this. The company provides manual thermal overload motor protection that is a very interesting feature for the customer.

  1. Built with Pride in the USA

All units are pre-wired & thoroughly tested before shipment and Oil is included so no startup kit is needed.

The machine is manufactured in the USA which is trusted and sure that the product is tested before launching market.

  • This compressor features gauges, regulators and a faster connect coupler.
  • It is oil-free design meaning minimal maintenance and a longer.
  • It has wheels allowing easy transportation to different working sites.
  • The model certified.
  • After start it makes quietness.
  • It is large and looks bulk.
  • It is a bit expensive.

Overview of MODEL# P1.5IU-A9

After all these features and specification you read above are trusted and correct according to the company.

After reading this portion you get all the information about the product.

Also, know the best product of the company that meets your work requirements.

Which is helpful for your daily work and make your working progress great and generate high revenue.

This product has many good reviews on Amazon which also reflect the buyer to buy this product.

20-gallon tank is affordable for you to buy this and start your work with no hesitation.



Porter-Cable Model# PXCMF220VW is 20 Gallon Air Compressor with the portable feature. The number of reviews is available for this product.

In this portion, I will talk about its basic features and specification which give you an idea about the device.

Air Compressor includes 5.0 CFM at 40 PSI and 4.0 CFM @ 90 PSI with 1.5 RHP. 150 Max PSI, running horsepower of 1.5 with lubrication and oil Free motor type.

20 Gallon capacity which is certified with CSA and UL. 7 Semi-pneumatic wheels for mobility & Rubber feet for stabilization.

Having more equipment’s with regulators, gauges and a quick connects. Decline rating as outdoor with 84 dBA.

Now we talk about its technical details. Through which you can find more information about the product, which makes you think clearly.

Technical Information

  1. Part Number

The model as shown early that is PXCMF220VW with 20 Gallon capacity.

  1. Item Weight

Porter-Cable gives the weight of this product is 97 Pounds

  1. Product Dimensions

The company gives the product size in inches with 17 widths, 18 and breadth, and 43 height.

  1. Style

The unique style and design by the company which attracts the customers are Portable Air Compressor.

Through this product is easy to handle and moveable as you want.

  1. Voltage and Power Source

Porter-Cable gives you the voltage of 120V with a power source of Corded- Electric that is helpful for you.

  1. Horsepower with 1.5Hp

There is no battery included and no need for it.

More additional information is

  1. ASIN is B00CAI5GRC

This product Best Seller Rank in #85,949 in Tools & Home Improvement and #57 in Portable Air Compressor.

Shipping Weight is 98 pounds. The company gives you complete warranty and Support for any query.


Include number of parts that are Cylinder Head 1, End Cap 1, Capacitor 1, Start Capacitor 1, Shroud 1, Handle 1, Gauge 2, Quick Connect 1, Strain Relief 1, Pressure Switch 1.

Foot 2, Elbow 1, Check Valve 1, Air Filter Assy 1, Outlet Tube 1, Piston kit 1. Valve Plate Kit 1, Wheel Kit 2, Pump Fan Kit 1, Power Cord 1, Regulator 1, Pressure Switch 1, Safety Valve 1.

Drain Valve 1, Element Air Filter 1, O-Ring Kit 1, Pump/Motor Assembly 1 and Relief Tube Kit 1.

Porter-Cable Equipment Warranty

This warranty covers PORTER-CABLE equipment including:

  • Air Compressor Pump
  • Air Compressor Components
  • Electric Generator Alternators
  • Electric Generator Components
  • Pneumatic Air Tools (excluding nailers and staplers)
  • Pressure Washers
  • Equipment Accessories


Porter-Cable gives you the best and unique features from other products.

  • Power Supply is Electric with 120V.
  • Heavy Duty with 1.5 HP Motor.
  • Maximum PSI is 150.
  • SCFM at 40 PSI is 5.0
  • SCFM at 90 PSI is 4.0
  • Conforms to ISO 1217 for SCFM claims.
  • Includes pressure switch with on/off, tank pressure gauge and pressure relief valve for quick and thorough tank draining.
  • Long Life oil-free pump.
  • Low Voltage Startup.
  • High Quality, extended life motor windings.
  • No belts or pulley to maintain.
  • Weight 97 Pounds.
  • 7 Inch solid rubber wheels for mobility.
  • A fully enclosed shroud covers working components.

Porter-Cable ensures its Quality Tools and says that Quality Tools Since 1906. For over 100 years.

Porter-Cable has and will always provide and service quality power tools for the professional woodworker and tradesman.

Engineered to deliver high-quality, professional results at a great value.

After every one of these highlights and particular you read above are trusted and right as per the organization.

In the wake of perusing this bit, you get all data about the items.

Also the best result of the organization that meets your work prerequisites. Which is useful for your everyday work and gain your working ground.

Toincredible and produce profoundly income. This item has numerous great surveys on Amazon which likewise mirror the purchaser to purchase this item.

20-gallon tank is reasonable for you to purchase this and begin your work with no delay.

Overview of PXCMF220VW

After complete information, I will suggest you purchase this unique Porter Cable product with affordable price that also boosts up your work without any hurdles.

This product is better than the first one. You can also move this item at any place at any time as your working demands.

With the use of this machine, your work never stops because of its amazing features and specifications that are given in this portion.

This model is the best selling product for this company that manufactured and designed it.

  • This compressor features gauges, regulators and a faster connect coupler.
  • It is oil-free design meaning minimal maintenance and a longer.
  • It has wheels allowing easy transportation to different working sites.
  • The model is CSA and ASME certified.
  • It is somehow loud so may require some ear protection.
  • It is large and looks bulk.



DeWalt offers the great model DXCMPA1982054 with 20 Gallon Capacity tank with unique features and speciations.

This model has 7.0 CFM @ 40 PSI and 5.7 CFM @ 90 PSI.

155 PSI maximum pressure for optimum tool performance. 20 Gallon ASME certified portable tank with pre-attached pneumatic tires for maximum portability.

Dual voltage motor is wired for standard 120V outlet and may also be converted for 240V.

Equipped with the quick-set regulator, tank and working pressure gauges and ON/OFF switch.

DeWalt 20-gallon air blower includes a cast iron, twin-chamber, oil greased up siphon with a one-piece cast iron crankcase.

Thermally stable cast iron chamber body, aluminum head, and valve plate.

Car style metal rollers, strong Swedish tempered steel reed valves, oil level sight glass, effectively open oil fill and a 12″ cast iron adjusted flywheel.

The blower has a hardcore acceptance engine for most extreme execution and effectiveness with 1.9 RHP.

Technical Information

As you now the DeWalt machine model is DXCMP1982054 is unique about specification here we talk about technical information.

Item Weight

Machine weight is about 166 pounds.

Product Dimensions

Device size is about 32 x 21 x 32 inches


Like other devices, it is also a PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR

Power Source

Other items are Electric powered but this is also a gas-powered

Included Components

The whole product includes the item is Air Compressor



Best Sellers Rank

Ranked in #408,200 in Tools & Home Improvement and ranked #38 in Stationary Air Compressors.

Shipping Weight is about 166 pounds

There is no battery included and no need for it.


  • Cast iron, twin-cylinder, oil-lubricated pump
  • Built with a high flow regulator
  • Heavy-duty dual-voltage induction motor
  • 155 PSI max pressure
  • 20-gallon portable tank
  • Shipped with synthetic oil
  • 2-year pump, 1 year all other parts warranty
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Easy Operation
  • Maximum Portability
  • It does not come with a water filter accessory.
  • It requires a lot of power for it to function properly about 15 A circuit.

After reading all information we conclude that DeWalt 1.9 HP 20 Gallon oil Lubricant air compressor is reliable and perfect for the user to use it.

Because the company did his job very perfectly with complete feature and specification.

Which meet the user requirements. The company gives the product after 100% testing with warranty. It’s durable, portable with maximum performance.

The machine has leveled tires which are smooth and flexible having flywheel for easy maintained.

Oil lubricant compressor that gives a V-Twin cast iron pump with 1 piece with thermally stable.

This model is in a horizontal way with 155 PSI operating pressure. It made for serious DIY users, for professionals and contractor.

Fully assembled product with 120V which can be converted into 240V.

This item is perfect for the customers to do any type of task around the house or in the workstation.

Intended for extreme Jobsite obligations, the DEWALT air blowers are worked with extraordinary quality development and execution for the expert.

DEWALT offers a full line of both electric and gas-fueled business obligation blowers.

DEWALT blowers incorporate convenient contractual worker units, high volume, high limit wheeled temporary worker.

Units and high limit modern blowers to suit the most astounding interest.

The DEWALT air blowers are made for the whole deal so as to take care of business.

Overview of DXCMPA1982054

After getting vast details you are able to decide the best thing for you.

You will select the product that meets your work requirements and helpful for you in daily life.

After seeing these machine features and technical information, this is highly recommended for you to purchase this product for your business.

Through this, you will manage your work.

The company gives you a complete warranty for this product.

You can also see the reviews of other customers for your satisfaction which is very important while buying the item.

Industrial Air IPA1882054

20-Gallon Belt Driven Air

Industrial Air IPA1882054 is a 20-Gallon capacity holder Belt Driven Air Compressor with Twin Cylinder.

Which is its unique feature and included in specifications.

This product is affordable for every person to place it on workspace with small space.

Here we discuss the product of Industrial Air. This Air Compressor is of Cast Iron having Twin Cylinder with oil lubrication.

Dual voltage motor is wired for the standard of 120-Volt outlet and may also be converted for 240V as well.

Through this voltage capacity, it is faster and quiet sound. 155 PSI with maximum pressure for optimum tool performance.

This 20-Gallon ASME horizontal portable tank with pre-attached pneumatic tires that are reliable and easy to move.

Having a quick set of regulators and more about tank quality with numbers of working features. That are included in this item manufactured by Industrial Air.

Air Compressor has a maximum pressure of 155 PSI with CFM at 90 PSI of 5.7 and CFM at 40 is PSI of 7.0, RHP is 1.9.

The main satisfaction for the customer is that this product is certified from UL and CSA. That makes the buyer more attractive toward products.

In this portion, we are discussing complete product details with including technical and feature-wise.

Technical Information:

Part Number

The model number is IPA1882054

Item Weight

Weight of this item is about 164 Pounds without shipping weight.

Item Dimensions

Item dimensions are 34 x 22.5 x 33.5 inches


Style included Belt Driven Air Compressor with Twin Tank

Power Source

This air compressor machine is Electric powered supported


120 Volts as well converted into 240 Volts


Air Compressor with the horsepower of 1HP

Item Package Quantity

Item included package quantity is only 1


The product has 2-year limited warranty


The ASIN is B002MKP5JC

Best Seller Rank

At 235,071 in Tools & Home Improvement and at 142 number in Portable Air Compressor

The item has shipping weight is 168 Pounds.


  • Cast Iron
  • V-Twin Cylinder with oil lubricant pump
  • Heavy Duty Dual Voltage induction motor
  • 155 PSI maximum pressure
  • 20 Gallon horizontal portable tank with pre-attached pneumatic tires
  • Equipped with quick set regulator, tank and working pressure gauges and ON/OFF switch
  • Shipped with synthetic oil
  • Holding 2 Year limited warranty
  • Reliable Power and Performance
  • Easy Operation
  • Maximum Portability
  • Expensive

After getting all the information about the machine you are able to decide which product is suitable for your business and workplace.

This product is reliable, easy to operate, having twin tanks with high pressure that give your work more strength.

This model machine is very unique to the other one because of its features and specifications.

The Industrial Air Compressor products are mainly manufactured for the heavy work that needs for the mechanic shops, workers, livestock

Operations and truck services shops including other repairing shops. Company featuring extra options and style with heavy components.

These air compressors are built under the great toughest, most demanding conditions.

These products are purely manufactured by the company.  No one can manufacture this product that is similar to it.

The worker must hold yourself to do work in your place where you want with reliable tires and handle it easily.

Reliability and Performance are due to cast iron, twin cylinders pump with heavy pressure. Introducing aluminum head & valve plate that helps the machine to work faster and make the machine cool.

155 PSI of maximum pressure gives the best tool performance required for the machine.

Also the motor with heavy voltage that makes the product performance which helps to give trouble-free operation.

Easy operation is due to quick access regulator, tank, working pressure gauges, and ON/OFF switch.

Also, the important reason for easy operation is the Unit is shipped with air compressor oil.

Maximum Portability is increased and maintain due to pre-attached pneumatic wheels and a small footprint attach for the best mobility.

The front handle also helps the user to handle the transportation process during the usage which is the best option for every machine.


In the end, the conclusion for this Industrial Air Compressor 20-Gallon capacity is that. This product is reliable and easy to use for the customers that buy this product.

This item has different features and specifications from other items. Also has unique benefits and importance for the farmer, livestock holder and for other businessmen that will use this machine.

Air Compressor makes your business easy, comfortable and time-consuming.

Heavy motor voltage works faster than your requirements.

The company meets the buyer requirements and demands that are used in daily business life.

You can easily manage, placed this machine at any workplace on your workstations.

NorthStar Belt Drive Single-Stage

20 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor

In this section, we are discussing the vertical product of the North Star.

The company introduces a unique item different from others in features and specifications.

Here we discuss the specification of Belt Drive Single-Stage Portable Air Compressor.

This Air Compressor is 2HP 115V which convert into 230V, 15 by 7.5 Amp dual voltage induction motor.

Having 2 Cylinder with cast iron single-stage pump. This item has CFM of 5.0 at 90PSi and CFM of 6.0 at 40PSI.

The compressor has wired with 115V operational of 6ft cord and plug. Also has a feature of rewired for 230V by a qualified electrician.

This is an affordable product that meets user requirements, which fill the user demands and make the work easy.

North Star has a proven performance that gives you the warranty for its performance and reliability.

Because the firm produces heavy-duty compressor with durable cast iron having a twin pump also has cast iron heads to control the extra heat.

To hold the heat within the cylinder in a limited area of the cylinder, not between the cylinders.

Also, the machine has a belt-driven oil lubricant pump that runs quietly performance with long delivery time having a long life.

This 20-gallon tank is certified and verified form ASME certified.

The company built accordingly as customer’s required. Has enough limit to operate an air ratchet, impact wrench, siphon feed sandblaster, nibbler, nailers, and airbrush, touch up a spray gun, etc.

The machine includes the best portability kit with flat-free tires that give the user the best performance and reliability.

Complete package includes one 20-Gallon with 2HP vertical portable air compressor and one portability kit.

Features including Air Compressor Benefits

  • Twin Cylinder pump with lubricant oil pump performance.
  • For heat, dissipation machine includes inner Copper Finned and aftercoolers.
  • For Cylinder head clean it has a heavy-duty paper element filter.
  • Dual Voltage performance that process the motor with the great amp.
  • 20,000 hours bearing life.
  • Having double Alloy Rod.
  • For very low oil consumption and longer head life machine has a double-ringed style piston.
  • ASME certified Air Compressor.
  • Its motor runs at 3,440 RPM
  • The built-in regulator controls air tools.
  • PSI of maximum 135.
  • For great maximum strength, spheroidal graphite is supported.
  • The machine included portability kit with steel wheel with ball bearing and flat-free solid tires for easy work at the workplace.

Technical Details

Item #




Shipping Weight


Maximum PSI


Air Tank Size

20 Gallon

CFM at 90 PSI


CFM at 40 PSI


Air Outlet Size

1/4 Inch

Duty Cycle


Working Pressure

105 to 135 PSI

Tank Type










Motor RPM


Pump Life

5,000 hrs.

Pump Material

Cast Iron

Noise Level



22Inch length, 23Inch Width, and 43Inch Height

  • Longer Pump Life
  • Superior Service and Support
  • Portable and Versatile
  • Quieter Operation
  • Engineered for Durability
  • Regular maintenance such as refilling and changing the oil.
  • Relatively heavy and expensive as compared to similar Items.

Here in this part, we are discussing the superior design for industry Leading Pumps in which two terms include Engineered for Durability and Quieter Operation.

About engineered for durability is about your machine compressor that breaks during your working.

So for this purpose company give durability in it. In the form of 2Hp.

20 Gallon Air Compressor that is vertical which is designed with superior technology without any interruption.

Also, the feature of the twin V pump has great oil lubrication and cast iron coating head for long life for the pump.

For this machine is covered with bearing on both sides of the pump crankshaft for extra support and less wear and tear.

In the end, you see the result for this feature.

Through this, the machine is reliable, dependable operation of this air compressor throughout the work from year to year.

The second is quieter operation in which the belt-driven technology of air compressor is oil lubricant with 20 HP having 20 Gallon capacity which runs efficiently.

This makes your machine more quiet less noise in your workplace or any place where you place it with complete air tools.

Other information that you are worried about is machine portability and versatility. So here we give you complete details about it.

NorthStar gives you 2 HP, 20 Gallon Air Compressor is equipped with the complete portable kit and smooth-rolling steel ball-bearing wheels.

That makes the item portable and reliable within the use of the machine.

This system is more advanced and automated that helps you in making your project easy and comfortable. You can also repair it at your home.

It is easy to repair in your workshop at any place where you want and didn’t cover extra space because of its vertical shape and design.

The company gives you the pump long life, so don’t worry about the pump. Also a great supportive machine and reliable.

Overview of NorthStar Air Compressor

In the end, the conclusion of all this information feels free to buy this product with great features and specification.

Also, an affordable item with small space has many advantages that make your work more comfortable and make your workshop clean and clear. Also an option of home repairing, oil change.

Its tires are also the best quality that the company gives you. So after complete details.

You’re able to buy this product and use in your daily working with top reviews from your customers.

California Air Compressor 20040DC

20 Gallon

Another best quality product Air Compressor manufacture by the California Air Tools that has different qualities and features.

This product has 2004DC Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 4.0 HP, which contain 20 Gallon capacity with steel coating.

Having an air compressor with an air drying system in white color.

This product has two styles automatic and manual. So you have two choices to use in. First, we talk about manual machine functions.

Manual Drain Valve

The company designed the machine in quietest 4.0 horsepower air compressor in the industry having only 75 decibels of sound.

Has powerful two 2.0 HP motors that operate at only 1680 RPM level.

Having an oil-free dual-piston pump system is manufactured for the long life of the pump, high performance, reliability, and durability.

The motor of SP-90407 is specially designing a pump motor that is tested for a minimum pump life of 3000hrs before serving.

Its life increases 30% more before repairing. The best size for all locations is 20 Gallon tank with steal coating.

The Air dryer is also the best option and best feature of this product that introduces in this model to meet the advanced level technology in the market.

That function is to remove the water vapor from the air to protect the sensitive tool and parts that are important for the machine.

It has a recycling process in which water vapor from compressed air is condensed into liquid shape and pushed this into Air Dryer.

Now after that this air is used for further processing and working inside like office, shop, workplace, store, and warehouse.

Automatic Drain Valve

The CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free Air Compressor are intended to be one of the calmest 4.0 drive air blowers in the business having just 75 decibels of sound.

The incredible two 2.0 HP engines work at just 1680 RPM making less clamor, vibration and making less wear.

The Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System is built for life span, superior and toughness.

The SP-90407 Motor/Pumps are tried for a base siphon life of 3000 hours before administration. 30% more life before the fix.

The huge 20.0-gallon steel air tank is the correct size for almost all areas. The Air Dryers are exceptionally intended to expel the water vapor.

The air to ensure touchy devices and apparatus.

To dry the air from the air blower an aftercooler and dryer are used. The aftercooler is a warmth exchanger for cooling the release air from the air blower.

The water vapor from the compacted air is consolidated into fluid-structure and pushed into the Air Dryer.

The California Air Tools EZ-1 Automatic Drain Valve has been intended to take out physically depleting your air blower air tank.

The physically set clock enables you to set the ideal opportunity for both the recurrence and span of the depleting procedure.

This air blower is perfect for anybody working inside (office, shop, store, distribution center or home).

Product Details

Technical Information

Part Number


Item Weight


Product Dimensions

39*25*28 Inches




Manual and Automatic Drain Valve

Power Source

Corded- Electric


220 Volts



Amperage Capacity


Sound Level


Warranty Description

1 Year of limited

  • Easy to use
  • High Voltage
  • Easy to place in workstation
  • Time Consuming
  • Heavy Weight
  • Not Self Cleaning


The California Air Tools 20040DC Ultra Quiet is intended to be one of the calmest air blowers in the business – just 75 decibels of sound.

For what reason is this blower calmer than general others? Since the maker utilizes a double cylinder engine/siphon framework that dislodges more air all the more rapidly.

A 4-shaft engine that just works at 1680 RPM. These two highlights diminish commotion and vibration for a calmer activity.

This 20-gallon blower has been intended to expand the obligation cycle and take into account longer ceaseless run times.

It has a sans oil double cylinder siphon intended to have an actual existence cycle before wear of 3000 or more hours contrasted with other practically identical air blowers with life cycles of 1500 hours or less.

This air blower conveys up to 10.6 CFM @ 90 PSI, which is higher than most 20 gallon electric models we explored, so it can control pretty much any air apparatus.

Besides, the blower takes around 150 seconds to completely siphon up the capacity tank from the void.

At last, this is the best peaceful 20-gallon blower at present accessible.

We found that it’s superior to the Ingersoll-Rand Garage Mate, however, it was unreasonably expensive for our top spot.

Husky 20 Gallon Portable Air Compressor

Husky is a 20 Gallon portable air compressor product that fulfills the user requirements according to the demand for work in the workstation.

Husky provides a powerful air compressor with portable feature.

In above many air compressor have portable quality but this unique and reliable with the extra fast working feature.

Here you get information about the best 20-gallon air compressor that meets the customer requirements.

Husky is the best air compressor in this array according to market demands and trend.

Air compressor powered by Husky has many unique features that attract the users. This product is available for sale on Amazon.

Air Compressor has 175 PSI with a maximum level for 80% longer tools that have compered runtime of typical for 20 Gallon compressor at 150 maximum of PSI.

The machine has quiet operation processing of 83dB brings less noise to your working environment.

It is perfect for medium-duty that is automotive and spray painting task perform at a different level.

Having 7-inch wheels for shop or garage for good portability.

Product has a high-level performance pump and a motor that has great delivery report for doing work within time limits.

With higher PSI and SCFM to operate your tools at peak performance.

The item has a slim shape with good maintainability due to smaller space product has good footprint and takes up less space in your workplace.

This is perfect for all inflation nailing/stapling, hobby and roofing, also HVLP painting, cutting/drilling, and surface purpose.

Product Details

Technical Information

Part Number


Item Weight

150 Pounds





Power Source

Corded Electric

Item Package Quantity




Shipping Weight

189 Pounds

No batteries include because there is no need for a battery for this machine.

Husky introduce the product having 20 Gallon capacity of storing with best quality material of air compressor with good material use of metal.

Features including high-performance pump and motor with the maximum PSI of 175 along with 4.0 SCFM at 90PSI. Due to the high level of PSI.

It goes to the high performance of air tools with strengthening run times and increase project efficacy.

With the quiet operation processing with 83dB gives less noise that makes the environment safe sound doesn’t disturb the user and buyer.

Also has a 7-inch wheel that makes the machine easier to handle and easily moveable to anywhere you want.

This PSI rate of the machine is perfect for inflation tasks, nailing and stapling for automotive processing and medium-duty of spray painting tasks.

Due to is its slim shape vertical it covers less space in your workstation that gives you extra space to make the environment decorated and reliable.

This machines used in framing, HVLP painting, cutting drilling and surface processes.

Has oil free pump allows for spray painting without the need for oil separators in the air system.

  • Quiet Sound
  • Good PSI level
  • Oil Free for pump working
  • Reliable Wheel
  • Slim Shape Vertical
  • It does not come with water filter accessory.
  • Regular maintenance such as refilling and changing oil.

Product Overview

This air compressor overview is that it intended to stand outrageous conditions.

In this manner, it is appropriate for huge works, for example, an animal’s activity or administration truck.

You can use in different fields from individual to expert needs. The general execution is immovable.

The cost, be that as it may, will cause numerous individuals to delay.

Given all the capacity and the oil-greased up highlight, it is sheltered to state that this cost is worthy.

So on the off chance that you are searching for a tough and solid air blower, this is the thing that you need.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

20 Gallon Portable

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor is the new company that also gives you the best air compressor with great features that fulfill the buyer requirements.

It is not much expensive to buy.

It is a cylindrical shape with a pump and motor with high voltages. The company introduces the machine in different capacities like 20 Gallon, 26 Gallon with different features and specifications.

Here you see the information about 20 Gallon Air Compressor with portability, horizontal shape.

Oil-free with 4 CFM at 90 PSI rate and 150 CFM model number DC200000. Now available in Amazon with a 6% discount rate.

Now in details, we discuss the device.

Here 20 Gallon portable air compressor machine with a horizontal design for the rate of 150 PSI with the delivery of 4 CFM at 90 PSI.

Does item have a motor of 1.3 HP that tackle your DIY projects at your workstations? Oil-free change feature is the same as another product has.

Hassle-free operation process will beneficial for the user to use it.

The big advantage of this machine has no maintained, you never feel worry about it due to motor longevity run time.

Steel handle with a large wheel that is reliable.

Makes the project easier and fantastic ending that is important for the customer that is also a time-saving process.

This machine is best for your easier to head level project because of maintained product and portability with motor lifetime.

Process your working project with a big unit of 25ft. Air Hose (PA117701AV), 17 piece accessory kit (MP284701AV) and the 3inch one inflation gun, chuck and gauge (MP600000AV).

Product Details

Technical Information

Part Number


Item Weight

92 Pounds

Shipping Weight

92.6 Pounds

Product Dimensions

31.5*14.9*30.0 Inches


20 Gallon





Power Source



120 Volts

Maximum Pressure

10.3 Bar

Measurement System


Included Components

Air Compressor

Warranty Description

1 Year Limited Warranty



There is no need for a battery for this machine.

This air blower is intended to stand outrageous conditions. Along these lines, it is reasonable for enormous works, for example, animals task or administration truck.

You can use in different fields from individual to expert needs.

The general execution is undaunted. The cost, in any case, will cause numerous individuals to delay.

Given all the capacity and the oil-greased up highlight, it is protected to state that this cost is adequate.

So in the event that you are searching for a tough and solid air blower, this is the thing that you need.

The DC200000 is intended for the DIY lover or end of the week warrior. The blower accompanies an acceptance engine intended for long item life.

It’s without oil configuration makes this air blower low support which likewise adds to life

Span. Simple to utilize and peruse, the control board offers unlimited authority of air control.

With a maximum weight of 150 PSI and conveyance of 4 CFM @ 90 PSI, the DC200000 is ideal for a wide scope of carport and workshop ventures.

Completion your tasks quicker and simpler with Campbell Hausfeld – The Air Power Expert.

  • It’s time-saving.
  • It is relatively quiet providing a good environment.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Oil-free pump and motor.
  • Relatively cheap and delivers value for money for its capacity.
  • Relatively low horsepower
  • It is quite loud
  • The packaging is not quite appealing as the protective covers are not durable.

Product Overview

This portable Campbell Hausfeld DC200000 is highly dependable.

It has proved to be effective in handling most light-duty tasks making it a good choice for people who enjoy DIY projects.

Easy in use reliable with soft wheel and steel handle through which you can easily handle the machine and move where you want at the workstation.

Quiet with no sound and oil-free pump.

Not too much expensive for the customer, used for many purposes.

The company manufactured this product according to user demands and requirements.

Order Campbell Hausfeld DC200000 today and we assure you that its price is justified.

WEN 2202 Air Compressor

20 Gallon Portable Vertical Design

WEN 2202 Air Compressor is the new company that also gives you the best air compressor with great features that fulfill the buyer requirements.

It is not much expensive to buy than other products related to this category.

It is a cylindrical shape with a pump and motor with high voltages.

The company introduces the machine in different capacities like 20 Gallon, 6 and 10 Gallon with different features and specifications.

This vertical shaped air compressor is less expensive and most featured with best.

Qualities that meet the buyer requirements at different levels at the workstation.

The company provides the airflow rates of 3.8 CFM at 90 PSI and 5.0 CFM at 40 PSI.

This 20 Gallon tank is manufactured with reinforces steel with the maximum pressure of 135 PSI level.

It has the feature of easy to quickly reach drain valve, 1/4 inches NPT quick coupler and two pressure gauges.

Handled placed at the top with other items, its wheel makes the work progress reliable and transportation is very much easy.

The company gives two years of backed warranty with this item.

Product Details

Technical Information

Part Number


Item Weight

86 Pounds

Shipping Weight

103 Pounds

Product Dimensions

19.5*17.5*42 Inches


20 Gallon Vertical

Maximum Pressure

1235 Bar

Measurement System


Included Item




There is no need for a battery for this air compressor.

  • Great Valve
  • Quiet
  • Oil-free
  • loud
  • Takes a while to fill up

Keep in mind when you had 20 gallons of intensity for your pneumatic devices.

The WEN 20-Gallon Oil-Lubricated Vertical Air Compressor is the ideal sidekick for the carport, the place of work or the workshop.

Module nailers, staplers, splash weapons or some other pneumatic instrument for an adaptable and trustworthy.

A set-up that answers an assortment of carpentry and painting needs.

The tank alongside the two elastic footed legs and two wheels expand soundness, keeping the blower from tipping over during task.

The 15A engine and the strengthened steel tank cooperate to give a maximum weight of up to 135 PSI.

The auto-shut-down capacity kills the blower once it achieves its maximum PSI for sheltered and solid packing.

This single-organize blower brags wind stream rates 3.8 CFM at 90 PSI and 5.0 CFM at 40 PSI.

The WEN 20-Gallon Oil-Lubricated Vertical Air Compressor additionally incorporates two weight measures.

One to screen the interior weight of the tank while the different controls the rate of wind current.

The locally available handle makes transportation and capacity simpler than at any other time.

While the 1/4-inch NPT brisk coupler air outlet takes into account snappy and basic hose changes.

What’s more, since it’s a WEN Product, your buy comes supported by a two-year guarantee, an across the country system of talented administration specialists and a well-disposed client helpline all to ensure you recall WEN.

Product Overview

Since this is an oil-greased up, customary upkeep is vital. This, then again, is an advantage for oil-greased up air blower clients.

Since the siphon is normally checked, it will support the strength of the air blower.

One or more for this model is that it creates less clamor than without oil partners, which is superb to use in a peaceful situation.

WEN 2202 is an extraordinary air blower for different ventures from carpentry to painting.

The cost is another deal pitch for this model. Contrasted with most oil-greased up air blowers, WEN 2202 offers the least – conceivable cost for the model.

Be that as it may, the disadvantage is very obvious at this cost decrease.

The wind current rate is moderately level with the most extreme weight just 135 psi rather than 150 PSI like different brands.

By the by, this is a great catch since both toughness and strength are guaranteed. Besides, you have a 2-year guarantee for any messed up parts.

DeWalt Portable Air Compressor

20 Gallon Air Compressor

Here is last but not least the item of DeWalt that offers portable air compressor with 1.6 Horsepower within the capacity of 20 Gallon Single Stage Oil Lubricant.

In the vertical design that covers minimum space in your workstation.

DeWalt offers this product with a 9% discount on Amazon you can also buy this product with good reviews in it.

Make sure that this discount is provided by Amazon. So hurry up before ending this product you must buy this product.

The basic features of this product are Single stage, oil lubricant with Twin V Cast Iron pump and motor with strong voltages.

In which one piece of Cast Iron crankcase and thermally stable cast iron cylinder body.

Also, include full-size metal belt guard for added motor protection and durability.

Heavy-duty of 1.6 HP and 120 volts that converted into 240 volts induction motor.

Its wheel so comfortable to move the product anywhere you want. Which makes your work so reliable and easy to perform.

Product Details

Technical Information

Part Number


Item Weight

159 Pounds

Shipping Weight

192 Pounds

Power Source

Corded Electric



Item Package Quantity




  • It’s reliable
  • Wheels comfortable
  • Handle Support
  • Minimum Size
  • Expensive
  • Required Maintains

There is no battery included in this package because there is no need for a battery for this product.

DeWalt DXCMLA1682066 1.6 HP 20 Gallon Single Stage Oil-Lube Vertical Portable Air Compressor is a place of work intense and worked for the expert.

It highlights car style metal rollers, strongly treated steel reed valves, oil level sight glass.

Effectively open oil fill and a cast-iron adjusted flywheel for simple support, toughness, and accommodation.

This single-arrange, oil greased up blower offers a Twin-V cast iron siphon with one-piece cast iron wrench case and thermally stable cast iron chamber body.

It has a rock-solid 1.6 HP, 120/240V enlistment engine, just as a full-size metal belt monitor for included engine assurance and sturdiness.

For movability, you can wheel it any place it is required.

The ASME ensured tank fulfills all wellbeing guidelines. DeWalt offers a full line of both electric and gas-fueled proficient blowers.

DeWalt blowers incorporate lightweight, compact temporary worker units, high volume.

High limit wheeled contractual worker units and high limit modern blowers to oblige the most elevated interest.

Product Overview

DeWalt DXCMLA1682066 1.6 HP 20 Gallon Single Stage Oil-Lube Vertical Portable Air Compressor is a work environment extreme and worked for the master.

It features vehicle style metal rollers, solid treated steel reed valves, oil level sight glass, successfully open oil fill.

And a cast-iron balanced flywheel for straightforward help, sturdiness, and settlement.

This single-mastermind, oil lubed up blower offers a Twin-V cast iron guide with one-piece cast iron wrench case and thermally stable cast iron chamber body.

It has a stone strong 1.6 HP, 120/240V selection motor, similarly as a full-size metal belt screen for included motor affirmation and strength.

For versatility, you can wheel it wherever it is required.

20 Best Air Compressor Order Now

Things to remember while buying the 20 Gallon Air Compressor

The CFM Value

The CFM (cubic feet every moment) is the proportion of how quick an air blower supplies air to pneumatic instruments.

A decent blower ought to have the option to supply air at a similar rate.

That the instrument is expending the air with the goal that you don’t need to quit working and refill the blower.

It is prescribed that you pick a blower that conveys half more execution than one expressed by the device producer.

For instance, on the off chance that it is shown that an instrument requires 4CFM at 90 psi.

Pick a blower that can convey about 6CFM at a similar weight

Electric or Gas Powered Compressor

The blower should coordinate with your workplace. This includes whether the blower is electric or works on a fuel motor.

The electric-controlled ones are commonly economical and require insignificant upkeep.

In the event that you are anyway searching for a convenient machine, at that point, the gas motor is the best approach.

Oil-Free or Oil Air Compressor

It is a significant assignment with regards to choosing whether to go with the oiled blower or the sans oil one.

Most blowers draw and pack air utilizing a cylinder which requires customary grease to expand the effectiveness and its life expectancy also.

This implies they require normal upkeep, will, in general, be expensive however of course, they are very strong.

Sans oil blowers, then again, blowers are pre-greased up, as a rule with Teflon and no extra oil is required.

This Teflon ensures the tank and other moving parts against grating.

All things considered, they require extremely insignificant upkeep yet the Teflon wears out after a timeframe uncovering the region underneath.

 Consider the Control System

A framework that joins the begin and stops frameworks will give you a high ground particularly when you are not working for extended periods of time.

Another control system incorporates the steady speed control for blowers with incessant begins inside an hour of activity

Air Compressor Horsepower

Pay special mind to the torque required: This will guarantee that you end up with a blower that conveys enough air.

A decent blower ought to have the option to fill its tank inside the most limited time frame conceivable.

Convey the equivalent without getting unnecessarily warmed.

Safety Equipment

You ought to consider methods for shielding the hardware from brutal climate conditions. Particularly it will be utilized in an open spot.

Consider a cast-iron development for greater toughness. Our rundown of 20-gallon blowers has blowers that are built with cast-iron.


We accept that you have been very much educated about choosing the correct 20-gallon air blower.

Everything that you have to put into thought before you head to the shop.

Keep in mind that these convenient, 20-gallon air blowers are significant apparatuses in any workshop or for fundamental home ventures.

They are for the most part financially savvy, exceptionally adaptable with various applications running from blowing up tires, shower painting to nailing.

Pick any of our 20-gallon blowers featured in this article and make sure to achieve the errands that you have to perform.

Stay tuned with us for more interesting products that meet your work requirements.